RPCS3 System Requirements


The RPCS3 simulator for the PlayStation 3 is free and open-source. By simulating the hardware and software of the PS3, it enables users to play PS3 games on their PC.

Since its first release in 2011, this software has experienced extensive development, getting regular updates and improvements. More than 4,000 PS3 games can be played with the emulator’s most recent version, and the number of games that can be played keeps expanding as the emulator gets better.

RPCS3 System Requirements 2023

To Run RPCS3 the computer must have an x86-64 CPU, a GPU that supports one of the accepted graphics APIs, and at least 4 GB of RAM, though 8 GB is preferred. However, one of the minimum system requirements for RPCS3 is that you can operate it on a 64-bit operating system (Windows 7 or later, Linux or BSD).

RPCS3 Minimum System Requirements

HardwareMinimum RPCS3 Requirements
OSWindows or Linux (64 bit)
CPUA 64-bit processor
GPUOpenGL 4.3 compatible
Free SpaceDepends on chosen game

This software’s emulator is designed to run PlayStation 3 games on a PC, but it requires a reasonably powerful computer to achieve playable speeds and good performance.

RPCS3 Recommended System Requirements

HardwareRecommended RPCS3 Requirements
OSWindows or Linux (64 bit)
RAM8 GB or greater
CPU Intel 4-core or 6-cores HT & higher or AMD 6-core or 8-cores SMT & higher
GPUAMD or NVIDIA Vulkan supported
Free Spacedepends on the chosen game

Some recommended system requirements for running this program on your PC include CPU 4-core Intel Core i5 processor or better, NVIDIA or AMD graphics card with OpenGL 4.3 or later, and RAM 8 GB or more.

Can I Run RPCS3?

Can I Run RPCS3

With that being said, an individual can run this program on their computers. Additionally, the performance of RPCS3 can vary depending on the specific game being played and the user’s hardware configuration. If you have a low-end PC, you may still be able to run it, but the performance is likely to be poor, and some games may not run at all.

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PC Requirements

RPCS3 PC Requirements

To run this, you will need a relatively powerful computer that has a 64-bit operating system (Windows 7 or later, Linux, or BSD), a quad-core CPU (Intel Core i5 or better), a GPU with OpenGL 4.3 or later support (NVIDIA or AMD recommended), 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended), and DirectX 12.


Even though, the emulator has been under development for several years, but has made significant progress in terms of game compatibility and performance. As mentioned earlier, this software has made great progress over the years, and as of now, it can run over 1000 PS3 games. However, not all games are fully compatible, and some may have significant performance issues or glitches.

RPCS3 Size

The size of this program varies depending on the version and platform you’re downloading it for. For example, the Linux 64-bit version is around 22 MB in size and the Windows 64-bit version is around 29 MB in size.

Steam Link

This software can be used with Steam Link, a streaming device that allows you to stream games from your PC to your TV or another device. To use RPCS3 with Steam Link, you will need to make sure to add it as a non-Steam game in your Steam library, and then launch it through Steam, and finally click the play button.

Can RPCS3 Run on Low-end PC?

If you have a low-end PC, you may still be able to run some less demanding PS3 games on RPCS3, but you will need to tweak the emulator settings and lower the graphics settings to achieve playable speeds.

What Graphics Card Do You Need For RPCS3?

RPCS3 gpu graphic card Requirements

This program, like most modern emulators, relies heavily on the GPU for graphics processing. To run it at playable speeds and achieve good graphics quality, you will need a graphics card with OpenGL 4.3 or later support.

Are Emulators CPU Or GPU Intensive?

Emulators can be both CPU and GPU intensive, CPU is usually the most important component for emulators because emulating a system requires a lot of processing power. However, the GPU is also important for emulators because it’s responsible for rendering graphics.

Does RPCS3 Use CPU Or GPU?

Yes, like most emulators, this program also uses both CPU and GPU to emulate the PlayStation 3 console and render games.

How Do I Run RPCS3 Smoothly?

Some tips to help you run this program smoothly include, using a powerful CPU, using the latest version of RPCS3, using an SSD, and using a high performance power plan.

Do You Need A Good Graphics Card For Emulation?

The graphics card is important for emulation, but it may not be as critical as the CPU. In general, the specific graphics card requirements for emulation depend on the emulator and the system requirements of the game being emulated.

Can RPCS3 Run On Intel HD Graphics?

Yes, it can technically run on Intel HD graphics, but the performance may not be optimal. The CPU’s integrated graphics solution, known as Intel HD graphics, is less potent or powerful than a dedicated graphics device.

Which RPCS3 Build Is Best?

The latest official build of this software is recommended as it contains the latest bug fixes and improvements.

Is RPCS3 Heavy?

Yes, it is a relatively heavy emulator, as it requires a powerful CPU and graphics card to run smoothly. And it is in particular known for being a demanding emulator, as it emulates the complex architecture of the PlayStation 3 console.

What Frame Rate Is RPCS3?

The frame rate you can expect from this software, include power of your CPU and GPU, the game you’re emulating, and the settings you’ve selected. With these, you should be able to achieve a stable frame rate of 30fps or higher in most games.

Is RPCS3 Stable Now?

While there may still be some stability issues with this program depending on the game and system configuration, the latest builds of the emulator are generally considered stable and offer a high level of compatibility with PlayStation 3 games.

How Do I Increase Graphics In RPCS3?

you can adjust the graphical settings in the emulator’s configuration menu by clicking on the “Config” button in the main RPCS3 window.

How Do I Optimize My RPCS3 For Low-end PC?

RPCS3 cpu ram Requirements

You can optimize this software for a low-end PC by lowering the resolution, disabling V-Sync, using default settings for Emulation, or upgrading your hardware.

What Resolution Does RPCS3 Support?

It supports a variety of resolutions, including 720p, 1080p, 1440, and 4K.

Is RPCS3 Legal?

Yes, it is a legal program, but the legality of using this program to play PlayStation 3 games depends on whether you own a legitimate copy of the game and whether you are circumventing any copy protection or DRM systems.

What Games Are Playable On RPCS3?

A few examples of PlayStation 3 games that are playable on this software include, Infamous 1 and 2, God of War III, Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us, Persona 5 etc.

Why Is RPCS3 Better Than PCSX2?

A few reasons why this program may be considered better than PCSX2 is because of its ease of use, better graphical capabilities, active development, and good compatibility.